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113 128 zaiton

I am going to make one of these as my Christmas tree next year: You did an outstanding job! And it definitely makes my tiny fake tree pale in comparison. I was glad you picked the green tree. I wonder what this would look like with toy ornaments scattered throughout.

Your house looks great too! Looks awesome, well done! I absolutely love the tree!

113 128 zaiton

I wish I could recreate it, but I know there is no way in the universe I would ever be able to find time to do this. Oh, wait—maybe I can buy the ornaments when they go on clearance after the holidays!

If I start in January, I just might be able to complete one by next December! Cat probably would wreak havoc with this. It is truly just wonderful!

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Will definitely try this next year! Next year when I get around to doing a tree, I might just try this! The chain comes off with hooks and the frame will store pretty flat. It breaks down into a nice small size.

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I think I can store everything but the ornaments in something the size of a pizza box. Lou — I thought about adding a few colorful ornaments to the green tree but I decided that I would need a bigger tree for that to work visually.

Seanna Lea — LEDs in the ornaments would be cool. I wonder if I could get that to work. Thanks so much for all the comments everybody!

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Maybe for Christmas Eve you can pop a few in the ornaments. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tree with us! I have a gazillion crystal ornaments…. I am SO going to do this next year! Thank you so much for the beauty and for the tutorial!! Thanks so much for creating the how-to.


My mom is gifting me all the family ornaments this year…. I love the clear one as well, but the green one is more tree-ee. Or hanging tiny lights within it.

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I love how all that advance planning and maths made it looks just perfect. I can picture the clear ornaments with a little fake snow and figurines inside. There are so many ways to personalize this idea. She hung jewelry monofilament from a cooling rack, which she attached to the ceiling.

Thanks so much for posting such great instructions!Najwa Izzati and Al-Alela, Omar and Elkalmi, Ramadan Mohamed Mahmod and Siddiqui, Mohammad Jamshed Ahmad and Mat So'ad, Siti Zaiton and Ahmed, Qamar Uddin and Shamsudin, Siti Hadijah and Jamshed, Shazia Qasim () Breast Self-Examination (BSE) and attitude towards Breast Self-Examination (BSE) among women: a narrative review.

SeyedAli Mirjalili, Siti Zaiton Mohd Hashim, and Hossein Moradian Sardroudi. Training feedforward neural networks using hybrid particle swarm optimization and gravitational search algorithm.

Appl. CONSOLIDATED AND FURTHER CONTINUING APPROPRIATIONS ACT, STAT. PUBLIC LAW –—DEC. 16, Public Law – th Congress An Act Making consolidated appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, , and for other purposes.

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113 128 zaiton

WIOA Bill Public Law No: The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), published online by the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, is the first legislative reform of the public workforce system in 15 years.

Number of times cited: Alex T. Müller, Jan A. Hiss and Gisbert Schneider, Recurrent Neural Network Model for Constructive Peptide Design, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, /grupobittia.com7b, 58, 2, (), ().

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