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While the average journalism speaker discusses the industry and the skills they have developed, Viapree brings something unique to the table — he shares his passion to experience life to its fullest.

Business writing essentials rutgers

Since my childhood, I have been interested in the framework of a given society: Through history and sociology classes in high school, I gained a deeper interest in this aspect of sociology.

When I entered The Evergreen State College, I also took psychology courses, learned more about the interaction of people in social groups around the world, as well as the inner conflicts that everyone of us encounters, and ways of dealing with them. Later, at Seattle University, I decided to expand my interests beyond psychology and took a class called Social Work: An Introduction to the Ethics and History of Development.

I later came to think of this decision as a revolutionary step that turned my attention to what I now am determined to make a calling, and a profession, for a lifetime.

Social work is diverse, since there are business writing essentials rutgers groups of clients with their individual needs, issues, and hardships.

business writing essentials rutgers

Sure, there are basics and principles that any social worker puts into the foundation of their work. However, through what I have already learned about social work, I also realize that as a practical discipline, social work is about the particular and specific experience of working with a certain group of clients.

For me, the branch of social work to which I would like to dedicate myself fully is working with the elderly. It may seem surprising, since some may think that the problems that elderly people are facing are rather typical and not so serious compared to what people living with AIDS, or children born with terminal diseases, or people facing cancer are going through.

However, I strongly disagree. Issues of the elderly may be typical, and somewhat universal, but it does not in any way lessen their importance, or give objective reasoning to discount their problems. Being an elderly person in the USA might not be as challenging as it is in Africa, or Kazakhstan, for example.

Yes, we do have decent quality medical services and social security programs. Nevertheless, people tend to underrate, or close their eyes to many issues that individuals face when getting older. Elderly persons have to give up their job, which completely changes the lifestyle they have been used to for much of their lives.

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Feeling neglected, useless, and inactive in community life causes many elderly people to face depression after retirement—not forgetting the numerous health problems and psychological changes that everyone faces when getting old.

And of course, the financial side of the issue is always not to be neglected. Overall, I believe that the elderly deserve just as much attention in terms of social work practice as any other suppressed and discriminated group does.

business writing essentials rutgers

I would love to work with the elderly as a social work specialist to implement and introduce innovative models and methods of social work with the elderly, based on the psychological and the sociological notions I studied at Seattle University, and plan to study more about, during a graduate program.

I have lots of ideas which I am determined to develop in relation to social work with the elderly.

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For example, I want to each elderly client that I work with to gain a sense of leadership, teaching them to become natural leaders. But most importantly, I have a strong desire to help people that deserve our attention, respect, and care, since they contributed so much to American society, and deserve to be appreciated.The Business Writing Center teaches 28 business writing courses online and presents business writing workshops and business writing seminars at company sites.

The instructors are PhD's who have taught business writing at accredited universities. Graduates of the courses receive business writing certificates and letters of recommendation from the Center. Need help with college writing assignments? Want a quick review or refresher for class?

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