Essay on strategic business planning

The strategies are generally geared towards the concepts of better performance and evaluation of competition. Strategic management plans typically consist of roughly four key components that help analyze and establish market positions within an organizations respected industry. These components are environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation.

Essay on strategic business planning

History[ edit ] Account planning is a job title that exists in most London and UK advertising agencies.

Strategic Planning - Essay

Account planning gained an initial foothold in the US in the early 80s but really only evolved to become an essential function is essay on strategic business planning most mid to large sized agencies in the early 90s. Beginning inStanley Pollitt felt that account managers were using information incompetently or inexpediently because the researcher was not involved in the campaign process.

Stephen King, believing that clients deserved a better way of doing things, proposed a process of advertising development that had a little less gut feeling and a little more scientific foundation.

This process involved rigorous analysis of a brand and its position in the competitive market place. These qualifications, skills and experiences led to the launch of the new role in a Sydney agency in From the UK to the U.

Jay Chiat took notice of the new department that was being met with success over in the UK and throughout Europe.

Tran, Chiat believed that account planning was crucial to creative work and he also believed, at the time, that British creative work was far better than American work. He was also not a fan of typical market research, stating that it is "what already has been done. It has been stated that "Jay Chiat did not decide to experiment with account planning.

He decided to have account planning. Their rationale was that it would be the key to their success as well. Many creative shops added planning departments, helping propel them from boutique to agency, and picking up national accounts along the way.

Tran, As ofplanning was "at a boiling point, spilling into every corner of the advertising landscape. Their responsibility is to bring the consumer to the forefront of the process and to inspire the team to work with the consumer in mind.

The planner has a point of view about the consumer and is not shy about expressing it. This relationship with the consumer allows planners to involve their input at every stage of the process and to inform and inspire creative ideas that guide and validate the resulting campaign in the consumers interests.

According to Jon Steel advertising can exist without account planning, but planners add an element of creativity to the advertising mix. They are typically people who are interested in meeting people and talking to the consumers. Planners want to find out what makes people tick and use that market information and research data to guide the campaign process.

Planners have the ability to bridge together their understanding of the consumer and the awareness of how this knowledge will be used within their own business. It is the account planners' job to understand and draw insightful conclusions not only from the consumer, but also the brand.

Because communication channels have presently multiplied, it is even harder, and more crucial, for communication to break through this clutter and reach the target audience.

The planner must provide "the edge" that will ensure that a client's message will do just this [5] According to Fortini-Campbell, there are five main roles that an account planner must fulfill; First, they must discover and define the advertising task. They have the job of organizing information about the consumer and the marketplace from every possible source, including the client and agency data and secondary research.

Second, they prepare the creative brief. The creative brief is the tool that the creative department uses to conceptualize ads. Another main purpose of the brief is to define the proper positioning of a brand. Third, they are involved in creative development. During creative conceptualization, it is the account planner's duty to represent the consumer.

They may also interact with the creative department through the sharing of initial consumer responses to ad ideas or advertising approaches. Fourth, they must present the advertising to the client. The planner informs the client of "how and why a consumer will react to [specific] advertising.

Through their follow-up research, account planners track reactions to the ads in the actual marketplace and provide Creatives with additional information. There are numerous characteristics that make for a good account planner. Fortini-Campbell state that a person must possess intelligence, experience, strong observational skills, and judgment.

The account planning group adds that account planners must have the skills to "conceptualize and think strategically. They must also be able to argue their viewpoint coherently. Being a team player and having a strong personality are also positive attributes.A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process.

It provides information that is helpful in matching the firm’s resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates.

essay on strategic business planning

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essay on strategic business planning

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