Essays on celluar phones

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Essays on celluar phones

This post was originally published by our partners at PopSugar Tech. Fast forward to June 29,and the iPhone was born. Now ininnovation is showing no sign of slowing down.

Since that fateful phone call four decades ago, mobile phones have evolved dramatically. Those magical portable technology boxes have become an essential part of interpersonal communication, and their significance will only increase with time.

From the rise of SMS to anywhere, anytime Internet connectivity to mobile photography, cell phones have been the catalyst for cultural and technological changes over the past 41 years. Like a radio, it could transmit voice communication through a push-to-talk system, but it used a public Essays on celluar phones network and had its own telephone number.

The classic brick phone had an LED screen and boasted 30 minutes of talk time with eight hours of standby. It was this phone with which Motorola employee Marty Cooper made the first mobile phone call.

The Clamshell The first foray into truly portable devices was the clamshell form factor. Motorola was a pioneer in this front, with the MicroTACwhich looked much like the one Whoopi Goldberg was using in The MicroTAC had a red LED display and a standard button keypad, plus a menu of options including a calculator, hands-free operation, keypad tones, and much, much more.

The Candybar Nokia was at the forefront of this type of device. The candybar phone was named as such, because it was approximately the size and shape of, well, a bar of candy.

The clamshell phone shed some heft and paved the way for the modern flip phone. A satphone connects to orbiting satellites, rather than Earth-bound cellular towers, which means it can make a call from essentially anywhere in the world.

The virtual keyboard, handwriting recognition, and Internet connectivity were cutting-edge technologies during that time. Nokia Series Snake! You either knew someone who had a Nokia Series phone or owned one yourself.

Razr Ohhhh, the Razr. The slim, sleek, and superpocketable form factor made the Motorola flip phonewhich launched ina surefire hit among the fashion-forward crowd.

Thumbs were never the same again.Cell phones emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation, and RF radiation has been shown to damage DNA and cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Essays on celluar phones

A peer-reviewed Jan. study in the Journal of Neuro-Oncology concluded that RF radiation "may damage DNA and change gene expression in brain cells" in mice. Two billion people on the planet use cell phones, according to James Katz, professor of communication at Rutgers University.

In fact, there are more cell phone subscribers in the United States. The effects that cell phones have on our lives. Cell phones have become a normal part of our everyday living.

I have seen people as young as five years old own a cell phone. Sep 20,  · Most of the cell phones used today are very educatoinal such as smart phones. Also if you know how to use a smart phone they are very educational.

On cell phones you can get on the internet and also you have a calculator and other stuff like that. Cyber Threats to Mobile Phones Paul Ruggiero and Jon Foote Mobile Threats Are Increasing Smartphones, or mobile phones with advanced capabilities like those of personal computers (PCs), are appearing in more people’s pockets, purses, and briefcases.

Smartphones’ popularity. Oct 22,  · This is how cell phones have changed our lives. Yes, cell phones can be distracting, annoying, trivial and frustrating.

Yes, they generally offer poorer quality, less reliable voice call.

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