Fieldtrip and seminar essay

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Fieldtrip and seminar essay

University with graduate programs, including doctoral programs Course Context: NRES is designed for first year undergraduates in ecohydrology, environmental science, forest management and ecology and wildlife ecology and conservation.

There are no prerequisites — students arrive with a range of math and English skills. The course includes one full day fieldtrip to a nearby Sierra Nevada field station.

NRES touches briefly on resource management, watersheds, Sierra Nevada and Great Basin ecosystems, the nature of science, energy and matter, biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem services, food webs, biomes, river restoration, forest management, and wildlife management.

The fieldtrip includes use of GPS and topographic maps, field notes, wildlife observation, skin and skull identification, mark and recapture, tree and shrub identification, tree diameter at breast height using dbh tapestree height using clinometersstream flow, and water quality.

Students will be able to collect basic wildlife, forestry and hydrology data, set up a basic Excel spreadsheet for data entry, enter formulas, create a graph, read and summarize key findings of a peer-reviewed science article, list references following a particular format, and write a scientific report with appropriate materials in the introduction, methods, results, and discussion.

This course begins with a one day fieldtrip to a nearby Sierra Nevada field station where students are introduced to basic field data collection for several natural resources fields. Students use their data throughout the semester as they learn basic database management, graphing, reference and report writing skills.

This course has evolved from it's initial format before I started teaching of introduction to college resources, study skills, and guest speakers, to a mixture of geoscience content and varied fieldtrips and assignments, to the current format of hands-on field work that is linked to science-based numerical and writing skills.

I intersperse basic natural resource topics, and a few guest speakers to introduce students to basic concepts they will explore in future courses, and to opportunities within our department and in future careers. This course includes several types of assessment. Students are assessed on specific skills assignments field notes and data, mapping, databases, graphing, report writing etc.

They take one skills-based exam and two content-based exams.

Course Goals:

The SALG helps identify self-assessed skill levels for each of our course skills and topics both before and after students complete the course. Essential Environment, Withgott and Laposata When I reworked the course to include more fieldwork, data and writing skills, my TA Susan Mortensen and I developed a field guide, field exercises and skill-based assignments for the course.

Susan did the majority of the writing for the field exercises and skill assignments and I have continued to edit and update these documents with input from recent TAs and department faculty. I also have students read a few of the Issues in Ecology series published by the Ecological Society of America.- Canterbury Field Trip Canterbury is situated in the south east of England in the middle of Kent.

It is connected to all main towns around by main roads (started by the Romans nearly years before) and is the centre of trade and shopping for the southeast. Descriptive Essay Example: The Football Field. Students will be assessed through a variety of approaches in Prehistoric Life including online discussions, lab reports, a research paper, an exam, video summaries, a geologic time exercise, and a fieldtrip .

Fieldtrip and seminar essay

Long essay, course work, report. Research, preparation and word-processing of written course work and essays.


occasional field visits in the UK and overseas fieldtrip. Essays, seminar presentations, debates, report. Ad hoc workshop. Setting clear and strict .

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6 total results. A Recollection of a Breathtaking Field Trip Experience to Cherokee, North Carolina. words. 2 pages. A Personal Recount on Going on an Off-Road Field Trip.

1, words. 4 pages. A Report on a Field Trip to the Village of Cheddar. 2, words. 5 pages. The seminar will feature an excursion to the Neue Galerie in New York City and an in-house fieldtrip, as well as a lecture and discussion forum held by art and architectural.

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