Grant read write access sql if statement

I've been running into this on a Fedora server intermittently as well just times over a couple of monthsbut have always restarted mysqld to see the problem go away, without being able to error search more closely. I hope this solution will keep these issues at bay.

Grant read write access sql if statement

grant read write access sql if statement

Amazon S3 stores data in a flat structure; you create a bucket, and the bucket stores objects. However, the convention is to use a slash as the delimiter, and the Amazon S3 console but not Amazon S3 itself treats the slash as a special character for showing objects in folders.

While you could simply grant each user access to his or her own bucket, keep in mind that an AWS account can have up to buckets by default.

Using Identity-Based Policies (IAM Policies) for Amazon DynamoDB - Amazon DynamoDB

By creating home folders and granting the appropriate permissions, you can instead have hundreds of users share a single bucket.

Allow required Amazon S3 console permissions Before I begin identifying the specific folders David can have access to, I have to give him two permissions that are required for Amazon S3 console access: The console also does a GetBucketLocation call when users initially navigate to the Amazon S3 console, which is why David also requires permission for that action.

Without these two actions, David will get an access denied error in the console. Allow listing objects in root and home folders Although David should have access to only his home folder, he requires additional permissions so that he can navigate to his folder in the Amazon S3 console.

The following policy grants these permissions to David: When David tries to use the console to view the contents of the my-company bucket, the console will return an access denied error.

This block includes conditions, which let you limit when a request to AWS is valid. To set these root and home folder permissions, I used two conditions: For example, David can list all of the following files and folders in the my-company bucket:Inserts if not present and updates otherwise the value in the table.

The list of columns is optional and if not present, the values will map to the column in the order they are declared in the schema. A user value in a GRANT statement indicates a MySQL account to which the statement applies.

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To accommodate granting rights to users from arbitrary hosts, MySQL supports specifying the user value in the form 'user_name'@'host_name'.. You can specify wildcards in the host name. Oninit provides unrivalled technical expertise to the global Informix database community. Promoting product adoption through customer satisfaction.

Often this means your /tmp partition has run out of space and the file can't be created, or for whatever reason the mysqld process cannot write to that directory because of permission problems.

Syntax for routines

Sometimes this is the case when selinux rains on your parade.. Any operation that requites a "temp file" will go into the /tmp directory by default. The name you're seeing is just some internal random name.

grant read write access sql if statement

Controlling Access to External Files. The OLAP DML contains three types of commands that read from and write to external files: File read commands that copy data between flat files and workspace objects.

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