Hunting and fishing should be encouraged essay

Contact Us Hunting and fishing should be encouraged Hunting and fishing should be encouraged on condition that the society ensures regulated periodic fishing and hunting based on enough scientific data U.

Hunting and fishing should be encouraged essay

What I netted "Knowledge of the whereabouts Hunting and fishing should be encouraged essay good hunting or fishing is a very personal form of property," Aldo Leopold wrote.

Fewer people know that he also enjoyed writing about hunting and fishing, sports he took up in childhood and continued throughout his life. The trout stream Leopold called "Alder Fork" in his writings is thought to be Alder Creek, a small, brushy, spring creek in Iron County, near Hurley, close to the very small villages of Montreal and Iron Belt.

It isn't mentioned in recent and numerous books and articles about Wisconsin trout fishing. But Leopold had fished it.

He is on a very short list of my heroes, and he was a fly-fisherman, as am I. I wanted to fish that same stream and cast to a few of the descendants of the trout Leopold caught. Lessons on the journey Pat Madden, my friend of 30 years and now a judge in Iron County, said he would help me check out the stream and give me a bed.

While the fish were small, they were the prize of Wisconsin's spring creeks, brook trout: I wanted to check out a couple of potential access places along the stream on the way to Pat's home in Montreal. Alder Creek follows State Highway 77 traveling southwest of town. On County E, below Iron Belt, the stream was dark, impenetrable and still, not a good sign.

I drove upstream a couple of miles to Kimball Road only to find more dark, quiet water. I was losing light, and finally an hour before dark, I had a chance for one more look on a little stub of a road off County E. The end of that road had been a bridge that was destroyed apparently by an ice dam.

A sign near the former bridge said, quite unnecessarily, "No Bridge. Frogs of several types were everywhere. The stream here was wide, not moving, dammed by beaver, and looked deep.

There were tiny insects in the air that I could not identify. Numerous small dimples appeared at the area where the bridge had been. I had brought my fly rod.

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I added a long section of thin, 6X tippet to my leader and a size 18 hair wing coachman, a favorite fly for brook trout. The first cast toward rising fish, brought an immediate strike. The fish was obviously small, but brookies are typically small.

After a few seconds of struggle, the fish came to the surface near my feet. Dimples continued to appear on the stream, but no longer looked so interesting. I thought I had better check the water temperature. Trout require clean, cool water with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.

The thin red line on my thermometer kept slowly creeping upward until it reached 82 degrees, way too hot for trout. It was getting dark, and the heat and humidity had not relented. As I returned to the car, dozens of frogs splashed along side.

It was late, but not too dark to take some pictures of frogs that ignored a camera lens only a foot or two away. Aldo Leopold had a similar experience over 70 years ago on Alder Creek.

He wrote, "We found the main stream so low that the teeter-snipe pattered about in what last year were trout riffles, and so warm that we could duck in its deepest pool without a shout. Even after our cooling swim, waders felt like hot tarpaper in the sun. We asked that stream for trout and it gave us a chub But this, we now remembered was a stream of parts.

High up near the headwaters we had once seen a fork, narrow, deep and fed by cold springs which gurgled out under its close-hemmed walls of alder.

What would a self-respecting trout do in such weather? Just what we did: Charlie suggested that we try to get access to Alder Creek near the entry of Cemetery Creek, a spring-fed tributary, further upstream. On my county map, he carefully showed the short, dead end road to take out of Iron Belt.

Then you have to walk about a mile, he said, through the cross-country ski trail.


Shortly after light the next morning, Pat and I headed down the little grassy road.- Engaged in hunting, fishing, and wrestling - Use of the javelin and sword for recreational and defensive purposes - Leisure itself was the seventh day – the Sabbath – a time for people to rest form work and to worship - Worship and religion was considered a leisure activity Ancient Greece: The Leisure Ideal - The ideal was furthered through education and religious festivals (70 days of.

Unlimited hunting and fishing would threaten to eliminate all wildlife and fish from the area. How would this be prevented? There would be a loss of revenue to the state if Indians sell hunting and fishing licenses that the state would otherwise sell.

Or maybe go hunting, camping or fishing.

Hunting and fishing should be encouraged essay

But as a family, he might be cooking something on a BBQ, while the wife serves drinks and the kids play a game of cricket in their huge backyard. Surfing is a very obvious recreational thing for teenagers because we are so well known for our beaches.

Dolphin drive hunting, also called dolphin drive fishing, is a method of hunting dolphins and occasionally other small cetaceans by driving them together with boats and .

As a child, Dove became friends with a neighbor, naturalist Newton Weatherby, who took him along on hunting, fishing, and camping excursions and encouraged Dove's lifelong fascination with nature.

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Weatherby was also an amateur artist who gave assorted scraps of canvas to Dove to paint on. The circle of life is what we call it even though others think it’s wrong. Sports like hunting and fishing are truly a good thing to have because without them there would be no humans on earth.

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