Narrative in photography

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Narrative in photography

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But if there is one thing that the Garden State is most renowned for, that would be Action Park …the most dangerous waterpark ever. Action Park opened its doors in ; it was one of the pioneering waterparks, a prototype almost. Mountain Creek as seen from Google Earth Another difference from the usual waterpark environment was that the park was not located at the shore, or on some large flat expanse.

There was Waterworld, which featured various slides and other creations. Next to it was Roaring Springs, which was set in a rugged section of the mountain.

Many of the Narrative in photography in Roaring Springs were river type rides which made their way through a lush and densely wooded landscape. Right inside the park gates was a largely overlooked section that contained some random attractions.

Narrative in photography

I forget the name but it was something like Daredevil World, or some crap like that. Since it was Action Park, it was probably accessible by being shot out of a cannon. Thanks to Steve Walkuski for scanning them! That was my last ride. The park is reportedly adding a new looping waterslide.

It was called Cannonball Loop…it was a looping waterslide. It was a looping waterslide. Cannonball Loop was a slide built in and was set down in a little ravine, quite a bit off the main path. The top of the slide sat on a large winding staircase which itself sat on the rim of the ravine.

The slide was enclosed it looked like a pipe and consisted of a long, straight section that was angled at maybe 45 degrees. At the end of the hill was a 15 to 20 foot loop… an honest to god vertical loop, not one of these wussy inclined loops that some slides have today.

The slide ended immediately after said loop, dumping riders into a long, shallow splash pool. I saw this thing with my own two eyes back in the mid 90s just before Action Park closed. When I visited Action Park, the slide was never open.

It just sat there with nobody near it like a crime scene waiting to be analyzed.

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The real story about the slide is was hard to come by; some say it never opened, some say it opened for a month and injured people, some say that the dummies used during testing came out all mangled with missing limbs. Someone once e-mailed me saying that they had been down it and had a video of people going down it.

I asked for a screencap from the video and the person never responded. For some time, I had my doubts as to whether it ever opened to the public…that was until this article got popular, and I started receiving eyewitness accounts of the ride.

Since adding this page I have received a few e-mails regarding the Cannonball Loop. It was open — for a few brief periods.

Narrative in photography

The picture you have up is real and not altered in any way. I used to work there and I rode on it once.

That is why they built the hatch at the bottom of the slope not the top of the loop as the wikipedia article suggests. A few people did similar things or for some other reason did not get sufficient speed and they landed face first on the inside of the top of the loop.

One person injured his two upper front teeth when he did this and had them dig into the soft lining it was like wrestling mat material. The biggest problem is that sand and dirt and such would collect at the botton of the loop and the people would start coming out with abrasions over their entire backs.

Then they would have to close it down and clean it out. I believe and I could be wrong about this that what finally closed it down was that after it was open for a short while an insurance adjuster finally came around to look at itand went ballistic.

DoD3 reader Eric then sent me these four photos that he had found on a message board. The photos were in turn taken by another DoD3 reader Shawn; the person on the platform is his brother.Alex Rotas challenges stereotypes about ageing through photography, speaking, writing and getting old herself.


She loves tennis, swimming & running and is proud to be an ambassador for England Athletics #RunTogether and Active Ageing (Bristol). Overview of Cade Martin photography that is elegant, sophisticated yet cinematically stylish for corporate marketing, web and publications.

Photographer Cade Martin utilizes everything from computer generated images (CGI) to natural light and creates images that stylistically reflect these themes producing art that is suitable for web, fashion, entertainment or all publication needs. A narrative or story is a report of connected events, real or imaginary, presented in a sequence of written or spoken words, or still or moving images, or both.

The word derives from the Latin verb narrare, "to tell", which is derived from the adjective gnarus, "knowing" or "skilled".. Narrative can be organized in a number of thematic or formal categories: non-fiction (such as definitively.

Often, the most obvious and effective leading lines can be found and used in the roads and paths in a landscape shot.

They are ideally designed to create perfectly straight or curved lines that can be set up in the composition to create a narrative and an intense composition. Film and written works are far better in the narrative mode than photography as they provide a temporal continuum and establish relationships.

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Meaning in photographs is a totally different story of course. Another difference from the usual waterpark environment was that the park was not located at the shore, or on some large flat expanse.

No, Action Park was located in .

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