Operations mgmt chapter 1 solution

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Operations mgmt chapter 1 solution

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Exception Monitoring Exception monitoring tools monitor conditions that fall outside a predefined range of conditions. An administrator would want to know when something unusual happens.

Exceptions are usually generated when the amount of a system resource like free disk space falls below a preset threshold or when a monitored device reports a failure or anomaly. Exceptions may be advisory for example, "This disk is down to 25 percent free space" or they may be critical for example, "The drive at SCSI ID 3 just went offline".

The response to any exception depends on its severity. There are several potential sources of exception data. SNMP is a popular protocol for network management. It is used to collect information from, and to configure, network devices, such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers on an Internet Protocol IP network.

This tool can assist you with the planning of upgrades, tracking of processes that must be optimized, monitoring results of tuning and configuration scenarios, and the understanding of a workload and its effect on resource usage to identify bottlenecks.

Navigate to the performance icon in the administrative tools folder in Control Panel to open the monitor. Alternatively, you can open it from the Start menu or by typing perfmon.

Administrators can also use WSH or any other supported scripting mechanism to write flexible scripts that monitor the system and send exception messages when needed. Exception monitoring in UNIX is usually done by administrators.

They can write scripts to monitor their application. Scripts are often not portable among variants of UNIX, and third-party applications usually require the purchase of their own proprietary monitoring components.

Operations mgmt chapter 1 solution

Notification Notification is the process by which administrators or automated systems are notified that some condition has gone out of bounds. These messages can travel on a variety of paths, the most common of which are: Adding entry to event log.

These tools can be used with the built-in exception capacity of the event log and System Monitor. Alphanumeric paging messages can be sent using freeware or commercial third-party tools that dial into a paging service and upload the message. In addition, BackOffice components and many third-party applications include their own notification mechanisms.

For example, Microsoft Exchange Server can be used to send e-mail, display on-screen alerts, or route exceptions to an external application.

Operations mgmt chapter 1 solution

These capabilities are in addition to, and not a replacement for, the standard system notification paths.Project management resources: templates, samples, articles, software, lecture notes on software & general PM.

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Founded in , ISM has over 50, members located in . Book Title. CLI Book 1: Cisco ASA Series General Operations CLI Configuration Guide, Chapter Title.

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