Seung hui cho man made monster

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Seung hui cho man made monster

Seung hui cho man made monster

We know that Cho was a shy Asian immigrant who was severely bullied as a youngster and suffered racist discrimination.

We know that he was a man, and men are not supposed to show their pain. We know that he was full of rage, and that he did not get the help he needed. While media pundits dismiss him as an inhuman monster, Cho was very human and not unlike many of my patients. I want him to know how badly I feel.

Most of us have felt like that, at one time or another. Human beings are social creatures.

Virginia Tech Massacre, Seung-Hui Cho

Feeling alone in our pain is intolerable. We need others to know how we feel. In a desperate bid for connection, they force others to feel their pain. Had Cho killed only himself, he would have joined the more than 30, people who suicide in the U.

Health workers like me will be patching shattered lives for decades, if not generations. Cho felt hopeless to solve his problems. Why did he reject their efforts?

Apparently, it was too little, too late. Shame results when a person feels worthy or unacceptable — a loser. The greatest source of shame is the social hierarchy that divides people into a few winners and many more losers and blames the losers.

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When a person feels shame, the need for connection conflicts with the fear of rejection. I suspect they did what most parents do; they valued their child. Feeling valued would have left Cho emotionally unprepared for a world that would devalue him so severely.

Black families, who have suffered racist discrimination for generations, help their children to preserve their self-esteem in a hostile world.

Young people like Cho experience shock when they encounter racism and other forms of social injustice. There is no connection between the world they expect and the world they encounter. A fortunate few find support and socially-useful channels for their anger. Those who can find no support feel lost and betrayed.

On rare occasions, one becomes homicidal. The tragedy at Virginia Tech will be used to promote more police and tighter security measures.

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7. Rudolf Pleil. Rudolf Pleil made an unlikely-looking monster. Fat and jovial, he radiated charm and a disarming sense of humor, worming his way into the confidence of the women who became his victims. Apr 16,  · Seung-Hui Cho’s Troubles Followed Him to Virginia Tech Seung-Hui Cho, the man behind the Virginia Tech massacre, had been mentally ill since childhood and over the years received help, including counseling and medication, from both his family and the schools he John Whitefoot.

Adventures in Autism: Cho Seung-Hui Reportedly Diagnosed With Autism as a Child