These remarks encapsulate epicuruss views on

Epicurus believes that he can persuade average persons because he has carefully adjusted those views to avoid unpalatable consequences such as implausibly austere recommended behavior and conclusions dramatically at variance with the endoxa. We can see this by noting how he always displays awareness of his audience as well as being focussed on the details of his message. The reason for this is that he seeks converts to his philosophy. He believes he has some access to to the truth,1 and that the truth will make people happy:

These remarks encapsulate epicuruss views on

When we imagine Epicurus doing what he likes best, he is swinging in a hammock in his garden talking philosophy with his friends. Desires are natural or vain, necessary or unnecessary. Pursuing vain desires, like extreme wealth, pleasure or fame, is difficult, fretful and uncertain. None of the vain desires are necessary, and we never find rest if we pursue them.

The necessary desires are for food, shelter, clothing, water and air. With these the individual can maintain life. Our happiness lies in cultivating a taste for the basics. There is one desire, however, that Epicurus singles out for special attention, the desire for sexual pleasure.

Like the vain desires, the desire for sex is unnecessary for the survival of the individual, yet it is perfectly natural, like thirst or hunger.

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We are built for sexual reproduction, and a maturing human animal will feel the stirring of sexual desire no matter what.

We are hardwired to find sexual attractions in the world. As well as being natural, the desire for sex is necessary for the survival of the human race.

However, what is true of the species need not be true of every individual member. If everyone were to take the advice of Epicurus, we would die out in a generation. I suppose it is because of this that he sees sexual desire as natural. Nevertheless, whatever fools the rest of us make of ourselves, Epicurus thinks that it is not a good idea for a wise person to pursue sexual relationships or to be entangled in them.

Just as it is in the interest of each individual to get out of debt, live within a budget, and save some money for a rainy day, it is in the interest of consumer society that individuals spend beyond their means. So it is with sex and Epicurus.

Humans must breed to keep the species going, but wise individuals refrain from doing so. So what does Epicurus have against sex? First off, his objection is not against pleasure per se.

Epicureanism - Wikipedia Our nation has changed. And along with it, the climate at many colleges and universities has become more polarized, especially during the most recent presidential race and now as the new administration settles in.
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The Philosophers' Magazine Blog Additional Information Abstract In this article I explore naturalism as a joyful science by focusing on how Nietzsche and Deleuze appropriate an Epicurean legacy. In the first section I introduce some salient features of Epicurean naturalism and highlight how the study of nature is to guide ethical reflection on the art of living.
Recent Posts Continuum International Publishing Group, The mature Nietzsche of struggles to find himself in the pages of this mytho-philosophical manifesto from his youth, with mixed results.
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In fact, Epicurus judges the good and bad as what leads to pleasure or pain. Also, he does not deny that sexual pleasure is the most intense physical pleasure that there is. But, for him, that is a large part of the problem.

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We believe in particles and space. Nihilist despair can make a clear-sighted view of the universe a bit of a tough sell.

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These remarks encapsulate epicuruss views on

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