Thomas barnetts theory of globalization

Barnett was a strategic advisor to former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and currently works with the Israeli military consultancy firm Wikistrat. A former student of Vice-Admiral Andrew K. These are economies which are actively integrating into the global economy. The third category contains some members of the first two.

Thomas barnetts theory of globalization

Thomas barnetts theory of globalization

China wants to rule the world order, and usurp the West. China wants to make docile workers out of Americans as it did Chinese workers. Globalization is happening or was happeningbecause Western financial powers wanted it to happen, not because the world wants to be like middle class Americans.

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America has not really integrated, and the differences, culturally and racially, within America, will only grow, leading to future disharmony or even civil war.

Because human nature in its most core behavior is very much oriented toward family, ethnic group, and localism, as Sociobiology has been affirming, and as conservatives have said all along. Nations and cultures are developed based on the traits and habits of the founders of the nations, and when the founders change, the nation and culture changes.

The post-Caucasian world may not want to affirm the international trade order and it may not even be bio-culturally oriented to do so. If anything, overt or covert civil war seems more likely. What we require and what we think the world requires, is an affirmation, or reaffirmation, of real human natureacknowledging that human beings are bio-culturally oriented toward family, ethnic group, and locality, and, yes, humans are religiously driven.

When human nature is suppressed rather than bonded and affirmed, all hell breaks loose. America and the world needs to be rid of the various versions of imperialism, whether financial, religious or racial. A United States of truly independent states, and a Europe and Asia of thousands of independent stateslightly federated, and concerned with true human nature, and future evolution, is the future that we require, and the future that will inevitably develop, since it affirms true human nature in accord with evolution and the natural world.In The Pentagon’s New Map, Dr.

Thomas Barnett provided a rough road map for establishing a transition force in To be successful, the force must transcend the conventional structure of line wire diagrams at the tactical level. Contra Thomas Barnett's Grand Strategy Globalization is happening (or was happening), because Western financial powers wanted it to happen, not because the world wants to be like middle class Americans.

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“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise. I’ve finished my second detailed reading of Thomas Barnett’s The Pentagon’s New Map and now I feel ready to start commenting on it.

If you haven’t read the book, I strongly recommend that you do so. It appears likely that it will be highly influential over the next few years so reading it may help you make sense of the world we’re living in. Thomas Barnett, an author and an evangelist for a military contractor, is making progress pushing the DoD into a buying binge to build a new nation-building force out of the legacy military.

The Pentagon's New Map by Thomas P.M. Barnett |

According to him, non-state forces don't have a. Barnett, Thomas PM, ,Blueprint for Action: A future worth creating, p.7, New York, Berkley Publishing Group Gearóid Ó Colmáin is a journalist and political analyst based in Paris.

His work focuses on globalization, geopolitics and class struggle. Since the end of the cold war, the United States has been trying to come up with an operating theory of the world--and a military strategy to accompany it.

Now there's a leading contender. It involves identifying the problem parts of the world and aggressively shrinking them.

Thomas P.M. Barnett - Blog - Blast from my past: "The Pentagon's New Map" ()