Timeline of south sudan

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel A chronology of key events: Islamic law imposed - President Numeiri declares the introduction of Sharia Islamic law. Southern peace, Darfur crisis - Machakos Protocol talks in Kenya lead to breakthrough agreement with southern rebels on ending civil war. Provide for south to seek self-determination after six years.

Timeline of south sudan

Sudan Timeline A time line overview of big and small events in the history of Sudan. The page is only an attempt of a general overview and still under construction! Modern time Sudan Sudan is conquered by Turkey and Egypt. Rebellion against the Turkish-Egyptian administration.

The British invade Sudan. An Islamic state is founded in Sudan.

Modern time Sudan

Sudan is governed by British-Egyptian rule. Revolt and start of the civil war. A military coup takes place in Sudan. The civilian government is removed.

People of Sudan rebels. The military junta falls after a communist general strike. A national government is formed. New military coup placing Jaafar Numeiri at power. Leaders of the communist party are executed for attempting a coup against Numeiri. A peace agreement is signed in Addis Ababa.

The southern Sudan achieves partly self-governance. Oil and Sharia Large findings of oil are made in Bentiu, southern Sudan. The oil becomes an important factor in the strife between North and South. Numieri introduces the Islamic Sharia law to Sudan leading to a new breakout of the civil war in the Christian south.

President Numieri is removed from power in a military coup.

Timeline of south sudan

A civilian government is made in an effort to restore peace after general elections. The Sudanese government are accused of being part of an attempt on the life of Egyptian prime minister Mubarak. UN decides on sanctions against Sudan. US attack on Sudan USA launches a missile attack on a chemical plant in Khartoum assumed to develop chemical weapons possibly in coorporation with the Al'Qaeeda terror network.

Civilians are killed in the attack. The Sudanese government denies any link to terror and chemical weapons. A new constitution in Sudan. The president dissolves the national assembly and declares state of emergency. Sudan start an export of oil assisted by China, Canada, Sweden and other countries.

An internal struggle in thegovernment, leads to the arrest of an ideological leader who were making peace attempts with the Sudan People's Liberation Army SPLA March Hunger and famine in Sudan affects 3 million people.

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A Danish pilot flying for the International Red Cross is attacked and killed when delivering aid in southern Sudan. All flights in the area are temporarily stopped. Peace negotiations breaks down in Nairobi, Kenya.in South Sudan: Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos announces allocation of $15 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for critical relief efforts in South Sudan.

South Sudan hasn’t known peace since it became an independent nation in Take a look at the timeline below for a peek into the country’s history, from its violent split from Sudan through to today.

South Sudan: how the crisis unfolded – interactive timeline South Sudan marks its third anniversary of independence on Wednesday engulfed by a worsening refugee crisis.

Comprehensive Peace Agreement

. South Sudan timeline of war and peace accords and agreements, culminating in National Dialogue Elections.

Unofficial Poll on when to hold elections. SPLM/A, or Sudan People's Liberty Movement/Army, is created in which is actually the rebel movement in southern Sudan in the 2nd civil war.

Estimating with soldiers, they caused bloodshed for one goal: fairness and equility between southern and northern Sudan. A second Sudanese civil war soon developed and ended with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of Later that year, the Autonomous Government of Southern Sudan was formed.

South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July at midnight local time,[13][14] after a .

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