Tips to protect and improve your

People with diabetes, thyroid disorders or hormone imbalances Those frequently using diuretics or laxatives Anyone taking medications that can further deplete already low folate levels or interfere with methylation. These include diabetes drugs, high cholesterol drugs, antibiotics, birth control pills, anticonvulsants like phenytoin and carbamazepineantacids, NSAID pain relievers and antidepressants Natural Treatments for High Homocysteine Levels 1. Improve Your Diet Your diet can make a big impact on the severity and frequency of symptoms you experience as a side effect of having high homocysteine levels.

Tips to protect and improve your

Your world as you know it would come to a stop. A good memory is a must. It helps you remember skills that you have learned, retrieve information that is stored in the brain or recall something from the past.

But with time, you may notice a decline in your memory or recall capacity. For many, a decline in memory can have a huge impact in their life and make it difficult for them to live independently. And nobody wants to live a life with a black hole where their memories should be.

Advertisements You can curb the natural decline in memory that comes with age by taking some necessary steps today. There are many simple tips and tricks that can boost your brain power and improve your memory.

Here are the top 10 tips to improve your memory. Get Sound Sleep Your sleep has a direct impact on your cognitive abilities, including your memory.

During sleep, your brain sorts and stores new memories. Good quality sleep helps strengthen memories and new information because your brain goes through a sort of review process during this time.

Sleep deprivation has a detrimental effect on memory, which was significant after a night of recovery sleep 2. In a study published in Physiology Reviews, researchers provided detailed information regarding the role of sleep in your memory 3. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time each morning.

Also, avoid looking at bright screens before bed, as it inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle. Exercise Daily Regular exercise is good for your memory. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that aerobic exercise training is effective at reversing hippocampal volume loss in late adulthood, which is accompanied by improved memory function 4.

Also, exercising helps more oxygen and nutrient-carrying blood reach the brain.

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Plus, regular exercise reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which can lead to memory loss.

A study published in in Comprehensive Physiology reports that regular exercise and dietary management appear to be a noninvasive and effective strategy to counteract neurological and cognitive disorders 5.

Incorporate different types of exercise into your daily schedule, such as cardio running, biking, swimming, etc. Reduce Stress When you are under stress, it becomes harder to remember things. Stress can affect your memory both directly and indirectly.

Advertisements When stressed, your body releases stress hormones like cortisol. Constant stress even shrinks the brain over time, leading to the destruction of brain cells and damaging the hippocampus, the section of the brain that forms new memories and stores old ones.

Another study published in NPJ Science of Learning in analyzed several studies and found that stress not only induces a deficit in memory retrieval and memory updating, it also changes the way information is stored and retrieved by multiple memory systems 7. Play Brain Games It is important to challenge your brain with different information to maintain and improve your cognitive abilities.

Playing brain games help activate synapses in the whole brain, including the memory areas. Also, it helps improve concentration and the ability to recall things.

You can do puzzles like sudoku and crosswords to improve your memory and delay brain decline. In fact, any game that is new, fun and challenging will stimulate your brain. To benefit from brain games, invest at least 20 minutes a day. When you spend longer amounts of time on a task, the benefits weaken.

Start Meditating Meditation, an age-old practice, can also have a positive impact on your brain and memory. Meditation is important for sharpening your ability to focus and blocking out distractions, which in turn helps in retaining and storing information.Online security Tips for protecting your privacy from hackers and spies.

This simple advice will help to protect you against hackers and government surveillance. Never heard of homocysteine before and wondering what causes someone to have elevated homocysteine levels?

Tips to protect and improve your

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