Tour operators overcoming of intangibility and

Tourism is an information-intensive industry and is said to hold together different components belonging to the travel industry, such as airlines, travel agencies, attractions, car rental and several other aspects Poon,

Tour operators overcoming of intangibility and

It was the second largest volume of visitors the city has ever entertained, lagging just slightly behind the Those numbers are remarkable given the recent slump in the travel industry, and the city has the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to thank.

For almost 50 years, the LVCVA has been promoting Las Vegas in an effort to maximize occupancy for the city's hoteliers who suffer from the cyclical demand in the travel industry. The authority's marketing of the city's convention, lodging, and entertainment facilities to convention organizers, meeting planners, and leisure travelers plays an integral role in keeping hotel rooms and convention facilities occupied during off-peak times of the year.

Many types of visitors go to Las Vegas for a variety of reasons, and the LVCVA uses a multilevel promotions strategy to reach them all. The organization's promotional mix includes national television advertising, grassroots marketing, and relationship building with a variety of organizations.

Each element is specifically designed to address issues within particular segments of its growing target market, such as changes in the composition of the visitor pool, shifts in visitors' travel preferences, the emergence of potentially lucrative metropolitan markets, and trends in foreign visitors.

An LVCVA study of the area's visitors forfor example, found that African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans accounted for 9, 5, and 4 percent, respectively, of the total visitor pool.

The same study also revealed that the number of visitors from each of those groups had been steadily rising and that all U. The irreverent ads poke fun at the sticky situations travelers may find themselves in as a result of too much revelry in the desert. Other commercials depict elderly couples, businesswomen, and young professional males.

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The LVCVA also produced its first-ever commercial recorded entirely in Spanish, which was written specifically to appeal to Hispanics' historical preference for family or group activities for vacations.

Additionally, the authority's director of diversity began promoting Las Vegas to ethnic chambers of commerce and organizations like the International Association of Hispanic Meeting Planners and the National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners.

Other research performed by the LVCVA identified Portland, Oregon, and Atlanta, Georgia, as emerging regional markets based on the their median household incomes, their available flights to Las Vegas, the cost of advertising in those markets, and the propensity of their citizens to gamble.

The LVCVA then bought billboards in each city, cruised the towns in a specially prepared van featuring an Elvis impersonator and a traditional Vegas showgirl, and promoted special travel deals to promote the entertainment options that Las Vegas offers in addition to gambling.

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The authority's message carries beyond the borders of the United States, too. When it noticed significant drops in the visitor volume from Canada--Las Vegas's leading source of international travelers--the LVCVA sent an official delegation to Toronto.

Tour operators overcoming of intangibility and

Representatives also met with private convention and leisure travel planners and attended events in Montreal and Vancouver to promote their cause. Las Vegas is clearly on the rise again thanks to the tireless work of the LVCVA, and the authority has the hard data to prove it.

As long as the LVCVA continues to understand its many diverse customers and communicate with them appropriately, the city of lights should continue to shine brightly for many years to come. Think of the many reasons a person might want to travel to Las Vegas.

Given a target market of all U. A list of reasons people travel to Las Vegas would be most helpful for marketers using benefit segmentation. Based on the content of the case, we can assume that LVCVA used all six steps in the segmentation process.

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Based on what you read in the case, the LVCVA is best described as pursuing which kind of segmentation strategy? The study of the area's visitors in revealed that the Hispanic segment is:But it is, I think, symptomatic of what The Australian talks about: short-term tactical wins overcoming the basic narrative of the government.

In this case, they try to tell us that they are for small government, they try to tell us that they want to make changes to our Federation, and .

Tour Operators’ Study Group (now Federation of Tour Operators, FTO) Overcoming such stereotyping is an important task for a country’s national tourist board. Amenities are those essential services that cater to the needs of the tourist.

regardless of level? 3. Intangibility is a characteristic of the tourism product, requiring the. "How Can Tour Operators Use the Internet to Overcome the Problems of Intangibility and Perishability in Selling Holiday Packages?.", 11 Going to School on University Hotels.

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By Matthew Arrants. There is a relative boom going on in college- and university-owned hotel development. How can tour operators use the Internet to overcome the problems of intangibility and perishability in selling holiday packages?

Tour operators overcoming of intangibility and

Essays: Over , How can tour operators use the Internet to overcome the problems of intangibility and perishability in selling holiday packages? With the advent of the internet, tour operators can now expand their activities and make available relevant information, conquering new customers (Wyner, ).

However, in order to do so effectively they have to overcome the problems of intangibility and perishability.

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