What is a microphone essay

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What is a microphone essay

His parents emigrated to the United States when he was seven, so his education included the physical sciences called "Natural Philosophy" that were becoming increasingly important in the U.

He was also an accomplished musician and toured extensively with the rest of the family, giving many public concerts. His musical ability attracted attention, and in he was appointed Professor of Music at Bardstown College, Kentucky.

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Although employed to teach music, his work in physics got him an appointment as a teacher of Natural Philosophy at the college.

In he left the academic world to go to Louisville and manufacture a printing telegraph he had devised. This device, which looked a lot like a small piano, printed letters out on a paper tape as they were received. This was a more efficient system than Samuel Morse's electric telegraph, patented in the same year.

Hughes originally devised it as a means of copying music, but its use in telegraphy was What is a microphone essay be more profitable. It proved successful in the United States after further development by George Phelps, and was taken on by the American Telegraph Company.

The printers were mostly used in the larger offices, but they stayed in use until World War 2. They were progressively overtaken by teleprinters. In Hughes took the printing telegraph to England to market it there. Initially the reception was unenthusiastic, but eventually it became well received in Europe and Hughes received a many honours and awards from European countries.

He was financially secure on the income. He extended his experiments to transmission of sound over wires. He discovered or developed the principle of loose contact transmitters, where a varying signal could be produced by acoustic pressure on a loosely connected group of conductors.

He initially demonstrated this principle using ordinary iron nails lying across each other, connected to a battery and galvanometer.

What is a microphone essay

His work was published in in the Telegraph Journal and Electrical Review. He had by now refined his idea into the carbon pencil "microphone" that was the basis for many alternate transmitters in the days of early telephony.

His research also covered the sensitivity of different forms of carbon and their suitability for varying sensitivities of his Microphone. Although his early published work details the effect of a single carbon pencil mounted in two carbon blocks, as shown, he also published comments on the use of multiple contacts he held that four contacts were required to transmit the human voiceand described acoustic feedback between the microphone and the transmitter.

Hughes was probably encouraged to publish by the patent caveat application lodged in the U. Edison supporters claim that Hughes developed or copied Edison's work.

Because Hughes documented and demonstrated his early experiments and there were many witnesses to his microphone's efficiency, we have to give priority to Hughes.

Hughes probably gained some of his inspiration from Philipp Reisrather than Edison. He is reported to have tested a Reis telephone during his visit to St. Hughes later commented on those tests "I was enabled to transmit and receive perfectly all musical sounds, and also a few spoken words, though these were rather uncertain, for at one moment a word could be clearly heard, and then from some unexplained cause no words were possible.

This wonderful instrument was based upon the true theory of telephony, and it contained all the necessary organs to make it a practical success. I also believe that the often successful transmission of words by Prof.

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Reis' transmitter was due to an accidental adjustment of his contacts to a true microphonic condition. In these countries a patent was only issued to an invention that could be proved to work. It would have been a profitable patent but Hughes refused to apply, preferring to make his research publicly available for commercial development by others.

In later years Edison revealed that he had also read Reis' work, and was asked by the President of Western Union to improve on it. Because of the patent warfare going on at the time, it was unwise to admit this. With due credit to Edison, he later acknowledged this in his talks and lectures.

Thus it appears that both men may have started independently from the same point, and reached similar conclusions. Hughes became interested in the properties of magnetism and electromagnets.

He designed and built the Induction Balance, a device whose principle led to the development of the mine detector and eventually part of the coin detection and verification circuit in payphones.

It was a loose connection in this device that led him to investigate what became known as radio waves. Towards the end of Hughes noticed that loose connections in his induction balance made them subject to "sudden electrical impulses, whether given out to the atmosphere through the extra current from a coil or from a frictional machine".

The practical effect was that a sudden spike through the circuit could actually transmit some of the energy through the air and create a noise in a receiver some distance away.

He used a tube of iron filings as a receptor, and a standard homemade telephone receiver. This was in fact one of the earliest demonstrations of the principle of radio transmission, using an arrangement that became known as a Coherer.

He set up a clockwork generator to create spikes through the induction circuit, and was able to detect the spikes up to five hundred yards down the street.

In he demonstrated the equipment to members of the Royal Society.This I Believe is an international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. Over , of these essays, written by people from all walks of life, have been archived here on our website, heard on public radio, chronicled through our books, and featured in weekly podcasts.

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Read the body paragraph from an essay on sound effects in film. Stretch a piece of waxed paper until it's taut. Next, place it in front of the microphone. Then, pour uncooked rice onto the paper. This results in a sizzling sound that can be used for cooking on a hot stove or frying bacon.

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Microphone Setup. Any microphone can work with Windows Speech Recognition, as long as its quality is high enough to record clear dictation. Connect a microphone to your computer's audio input jack.

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